"Ordering at the bridge"

You are sitting just left of the dealer and he turns up the Jack of Spades.

Your side is winning 9-6 and this is your hand:
If you would like to ensure that the game doesn't end on this very hand with the victory going to your opponents, you should order up the jack of spades.

Yes, you are probably going to be euchred -- making the score 9-8. However you will still be in the lead, and it will be your deal.

If you choose to pass the jack of spades, either of your opponents may order-up alone. If the loner successfully scores four points, the game is over. They win. (Boo!)

The upcard doesn't have to be a bower either, although the bower makes the lone-attempt more probable. Additionally, your score could be 9 or 8 and the opponents score could be 6 or 7 to require the procedure recommended here. 

If you you are sitting just left of the dealer without a definite lone-stopper in the suit that he turned up, it is your responsibility as a good partner, to order the dealer up.

Your choice is to sacrifice two points, or risk sacrificing the entire game.
Basic Euchre Strategy
Harvey "the Rabbit"
Vol. 3
Definite Stoppers:
jack of spades
1. Guarded Left *
2. Guarded ace **
3. Bottom Four (this hand should be ordered regardless)
* Guarded Left - Contains the Left Bower and any single trump card less than itself.
** Guarded ace - The ace of trump and any two trumps less than itself.
As long as your hand contains any of the three groups above, you are safe passing. You can stop a lone attempt with these hands, provided that you play the cards right.
The Convention:
If you follow this convention (known as the Columbus Coup in Natty Bumppo's clasic "The Colombus Book of Euchre") , you will always order up the dealer from first seat with a score of either 8 or 9 points to 6 or 7 points -- if you do not have a definite stopper. You will pass if you do (unless of course your hand is also strong enough to score a point in the suit of the upcard, but not in any other suit).

Knowing this, your passing sends the message to your partner that you have a sure trick in the upcard suit. Your partner can decide to order up if he has two tricks in that suit (to add to yours for a score), or safely pass. Of course, there would have to be some exceptional cards to order the bower up to the dealer with intent to make it.
To sum it up:
Their score:
7 or 6
Your score:
9 or 8
-If your hand has no definite stopper in the upsuit, order the upcard to the dealer and prevent him from going alone.
-If you pass, your partner will now know that you have at least one sure trick. If he thinks he has two, he will order up to score a point.
low budget table
In euchre, your team not only needs to score ten points before the opposing team does, your team must prevent the other side from scoring ten points before you do.
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