This page was last updated: September 22, 2012
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LVEA Ranking System
1. The LVEA players that finish in the top five during any ranked round-robin tournament will receive "Performance Points", or "PP's" according to the place they finish. Non-ranked players will not be counted. No PP's will be awarded for the position occupied by a non-ranked player.
1st place = 5 PP's   2nd place = 4 PP's   3rd place = 3 PP's   4th place = 2 PP's   5th place = 1 PP
Note: A non-ranked player who finishes in the top 5 is allowed to pay a membership fee immediately upon completion of a tournament and be counted in the rankings beginning with that night's victory. 

2. Non- members will be allowed to play in our tournaments, but will not be ranked and therefore will not be eligible for any prizes or trophies other than the cash in the pot of the tournament that they participate in.

3. In the event of a tie in any of the top five positions, both (or all) of the players with tying scores will receive PP's for that position regardless of the manner in which the pot is divided.

4. The season will be divided into 3 "Sessions"; The Spring Session (January - April), The Summer Session (May - August) and The Fall Session (September - December). Sessions will consist of approximately 8 tournaments each (Holidays and major sports events may occasionally shorten or lengthen the schedule).

5. The player with the most Performance Points by the end of each session will be declared "Session Champ" and will receive an engraved plaque.

6. The player with the most Performance Points in a season will be declared "Las Vegas Euchre Champion" (our most prestigious title) and will receive an engraved trophy.

7. The prize fund will be comprised of monies extracted from each ranked tournament pot ($15) in addition to its annual membership fee of $5. 100% of this fund will be paid back to the players.

8. Although it is legal for players to split their buy-in and play half a tournament each (and share any money that they win), neither player will be eligible for any points in a ranked tournament.

9. Tie-breakers: In the event that two or more players are tied for first place at the end of a session or year, the champion is determined by the following criteria; a.) least number of games played  b.) most first place finishes (if still tied, most second, then third etc.) c.) if all seven numbers are exactly  the same, a best-out-of-three tie-breaker game will be arranged.
LVEA Ranking System