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Every Thursday at 7:30 PM!

Good Luck & Have Fun
Total cost:  $15 per player
January 29
7:30 PM
7777 W. Sahara
Live Euchre      Las Vegas, NV
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History and Origin of playing cards, gallery of standards, early standards and the New Standards Project. Articles on card masters of the 19th century, Lewis I. Cohen, Samuel Hart, Andrew Dougherty and Thomas de la Rue.
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Interested in playing Euchre in Las Vegas?
We hold weekly tournaments on Thursdays at 7:30 pm @ 7777 W. Sahara with a nominal buy-in. It's a fun and friendly crowd and players of all skill levels are welcome.
You don't need to bring a partner to play!
This event is now also found at "Meetup."
Congratulations to Blackcat for becoming the 2014 Las Vegas Euchre Champion!
Jan 8 - Spring 1
1 -- Verna
2 -- Pat
3 -- Tuckerbelly
4 -- Diamond Dawn
5 -- Filipina Flash